Malaysian Wavy(Wet and Wavy). 8A Grade 3.5 oz  bundles

Lengths: 12"-36"

Soft and oh so silky. The perfect crowning statement for the "exotic" look.  Some say Maylasian Hair bundles are even MORE exotic than Indian and Brazilian Hair. This hair is "kinda straight" with some slight wave pattern to it. If you want to ZOOM IN -click on the image. We have a Detailed pic file.  In about 10-20seconds you'll truly be able to CLOSELY inspect the bundles with your mouse. Please select using the "Length" button which size is right for you.


 For Combos  & 3 Bundle Orders:

 You need to add each bundle, one at a time, to shopping cart. Then checkout. . Our more popular medium length selections are 16inch and 18 inch (two bundles).  For longer lengths Our popular lengths are 24" ,22", 20" inches (3 bundles-some order 4).  But choose what works best for you we have 12inches(special request) to 30 inches always in stock.  Adjust up or down in length to suit your particular style. 



Orders submitted and paid before 6pm EST,  SHIP THE SAME DAY.

Malaysian Wavy(Wet and Wavy). 8A Grade 3.5 oz bundles

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