Brazilian Deep Curly.    8a grade. Color 1b.

ALL PRICES, unless it's a Combo,  ARE FOR ONE BUNDLE /ONEPACK ONLY. They arrive in clear plastic packs.

Lengths Available: 12"-30"

Brazilian hair is naturally compatible with many hair types including African-American and Caucasian. It is good for all hairstyles, holds curls beautifully, and curls when wet. Our Virgin Brazilian Hair is collected from single donor and has not been chemically altered or processed. It is shed-free and tangle-free, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing top notch hair.  If you want to ZOOM IN -click on the image. We have a Detailed pic file.  In about 10-20seconds you'll truly be able to CLOSELY inspect the bundles with your mouse. Please select using the "Length" button which size is right for you.

 For Curly hair remember to choose a longer length to accomodate for the extra curliness of the hair bundle.


For Combo Packages/Multiple Bundle Orders:

 You can simply hit the  Select button multiple times. Our more popular medium length selections are 18inch and 20 inch (two bundles).  For longer lengths Our popular lengths are 26" ,24", 22" inches (3 bundles-some order 4).  But choose what works best for you we have 12inches(special request) to 30 inches always in stock.



Please Note The curly Wave hair  patterns are rodded to produce the curly effect. All sales are final on this product because it's specially made. No returns.



 Prices begin AT $50.00 Base Sale Price for 12inches then increase as hair gets longer. Prices stated are for one bundle only. We have 12-30inches in stock.




Scroll down and click on "Length button" to actually add items to shopping cart.




Brazilian Deep Curly. 8a grade. Color 1b.

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