6A Grade Brazilian BodyWave Wholesale to Public Pricing

All Prices Stated Here are for 1 Bundle.


Quality: 6A Grade/Good Quality

Color:  1B Natural Black 

Each bundle weighs  3.7 ounces.  Other Suppliers sell 3 ounce bundles

Lengths: 12"-34" Standard Quality.  Ships same day(In stock).  When washed waves return. Bundles equal the printed length when stretched. Colorable and Bleachable. Takes heat Well.

Lengths in stock are 12inches to 34inches. Brazilian Remy Human Hair.   Click the "Length" Button and select the ones you desire. Industry Standard 6a Remy. Cost effective, & versatile.  Wearer should expect  6-12 months usage with proper care. 


 You can select 1 bundle or 20 bundles. No problem!





Scroll down and click on "Length button" to actually add items to shopping cart.

6A Grade Brazilian BodyWave Wholesale to Public Pricing

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