$50 Brazilian Loose Curl 8A Grade.

Lengths: 12 to 30 inches.  All prices stated are for 1 SINGLE BUNDLE


8A grade Brazilian Loose Curl. also called Ocean Wave hair pattern.  Perfect for women with natural curly hair. Thick and full ends. Coily ends, not "stringy". 105 grams per bundle. 

 Please select using the "Length" button. Order 3 bundles for full sew ins.



You need to add each bundle, one at a time, to the shopping cart. Then checkout. Our more popular medium length selections are 16inch and 18 inch (two bundles).  For longer lengths Our popular lengths are 24" ,22", 20" inches (3 bundles-some order 4).  But choose what works best for you we have 12inches to 30 inches always in stock.  Adjust up or down in length to suit your particular style. 


Please Note: The curly Wave hair  patterns are rodded to produce the curly effect. All sales are final on this product because it's specially made. Prices begin AT $60.00 Base Sale Price for 14inches then increase as hair gets longer. We have 12-30inches in stock. Click drop down Menu below(to the right) to see the full prices menu.

$50 Brazilian Loose Curl 8A Grade.

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